Senior Physiotherapist
Rod joined Fountain Gate Physiotherapy as a physiotherapist in 2004 after a number of years spent overseas developing his skills in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic injuries.

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Rod focuses on assessing the whole complex of movement when assessing a persons pain or impairment.


Rod graduated in 1997 from the University of Melbourne with of Bachelor of Physiotherapy.  Rod has completed a number of post-graduate courses with a particular emphasis on the management of the shoulder, with or without surgery. As well as other upper limb problems, Rod enjoys the challenge of dealing with knee and ankle pains. Especially those related to biomechanic issues in the lower limb.  Rod has also developed his skills in managing chest conditions such as recurrent infections, bronchiecstasis and asthma.


Rod began working in South Gippsland at a small regional hospital and gained a lot of experience in a variety of areas.  He then spent 12 months as a volunteer physiotherapist in Malawi before spending four years working throughout the United Kingdom.  During his time in the United Kingdom Rod worked in orthopaedic wards rehabilitating total hip and knee replacements.  He also worked in the emergency department managing all forms of acute pain including lower back and neck pain and sporting injuries and falls.  Rod also spent a period of this time travelling and backpacking through Europe including spending a large period of time in the Netherlands with family.

Professional Interests

  Attended a number of courses on the management of the shoulder
  Able to perform superficial dry needling
 Interested in the management of foot and ankle, upper limb pains.
 Respiratory Physiotherapy Speciality

Therapist Qualifications

 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)
 Registered with AHPRA
 Superficial Dry Needling

Physiotherapist shoulder rotator cuff impingement
physiotherapist neck pain thoracic spine headaches
sporting injuries knee sprain ACL hamstring strain physiotherapist

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