Chest Physiotherapy

Chest Physiotherapy is able to help with nearly all conditions that result in difficulty breathing or clearing secretions from the lungs.  We are able to provide advice, education, a home exercise program and manual techniques here at Fountain Gate Physiotherapy.

Who would benefit from it?

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, chest physiotherapy is suitable for you:

  • Asthma especially those with an acute exacerbation
  • Bronchiecstasis
  • Chronic Obstructive Airways or Pulmonary disease (COPD and COAD)
  • Recurrent chest infections especially those who have had more than 3 course of antibiotics
  • Shortness of breath
What is involved?

During your assessment you should expect your physiotherapist to listen to your breathing using a stethoscope.  They will also assess your breathing patterns and any postural issues.

It is important for you to bring any information you have related to your chest. In particular, please bring a list of your medications and any test results or scans that you have had.

The physiotherapist will help teach you breathing exercises that you can perform at home to assist keeping your airways clear.  They may also use manual techniques such as percussions or vibrations to help loosen secretions and make them easier to cough up.  The physiotherapist may also provide advice and techniques to assist with making your cough more effective such as the huff technique.

Does chest physiotherapy work?

Chest physiotherapy is very effective to help clear excess secretions from your lungs.  It is also effective in assisting clearing a persistent infection where the secretions are too deep in your lungs for your cough to be effective.

For acute chest changes such as infections or asthma exacerbation, most people will experience improvement within 2-3 sessions.  For people with chronic secretion issues such as bronchiecstasis an ongoing management plan is developed that may require you to attend for regular ongoing maintenance visits.

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