Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation at Fountain Gate Physiotherapy aims to optimise your recovery and well-being following injury.  We will focus on your return to sport and everyday life, including activities around the home, at work and during leisure.

We realise every person is different and requires a specialised program to achieve their functional goals.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the process of recovering from physical injury or disease and for the management of longer term illness such as Parkinson's and MS.  Rehab is most effective when it begins early in the process.  At Fountain Gate Physiotherapy, following an extension assessment of your problem you will be provided with a specific program to begin your rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation can include the use of physiotherapy, myotherapy, clinical pilates or dry needling.

Our approach?

Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, rehab can contribute to:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Reduced risk of recurrence
  • Improved well being
  • Earlier return to work and lifestyle

Because our approach ensures good communication between therapists, GP and specialists you will get the best outcome in the shortest possible time.


Why rehab?

Following an injury the body begins the healing process.  Controlled loading of the area ensures optimum development and resolution of the scar tissue.  The rehab process also focuses on tight and stiff areas that require greater movement through stretching exercises.  Areas of weakness are also treated through targeted strengthening exercises.

This allows your body to recover in the most optimum condition for you to return to activity.

What should I expect?

 Range of exercise techniques
 Tailored program to your specific needs
 High quality facilities
 Video analysis when required
  Ergonomic Advice
  Workplace Injury Prevention

Common Conditions

At Fountain Gate Physiotherapy the following conditions can be managed:

ankle sprain fracture injury rehabilitation berwick hallamknee pain sport injury arthritis