Focus on your Rehabilitation

The first appointment for a sport injury is no different from a usual physiotherapy consultation and evaluation (see physiotherapy page).  You will be asked more specific questions related to your particular sport or even to demonstrate some sport specific movements.

If video analysis of your running, walking or cycling technique is required a treadmill and exercise bike are available in the gym area. In addition we also have the ability to analyse movements that require more room such as golf swings in our gym area.

For your appointment

The more information that you can provide the better the chance for your physiotherapist to diagnose your injury correctly.

If you have any scans, reports or referrals please bring them to your consultation. In addition, you should also bring in any footwear or equipment you use during your sport or activity.

Your physiotherapist will discuss with you your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Treatment is likely to involve the use of physiotherapy techniques within the treatment room combined with a more specific exercise based program.

Acute Sport Injury Services

Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of bio-mechanics, tissue pathology and healing to use in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries.

We are able to provide immediate management of all acute sporting injuries such as shoulder dislocations, ankle and knee sprains. And we can also provide crutches, camboots, strapping tape and compression bandages for hire or purchase if required.

What we can help?

Physiotherapy is an effective tool for a range of common sporting injuries and pain points.  Apart from managing muscle tears, tendon injuries and ligament sprains, we are also able to manage:

  Overuse injuries and stress fractures;
  Knee, ankle and foot injuries;
  Shoulder injuries, Tennis/golfer elbow, hand and wrist pain;
   Recurrent injuries such as hamstring strains and tears;

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