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Who can benefit from Physio?

This is a question we are asked many times through the day. Will physio help me with…?

The answer many times is yes.

If a pain changes when you change position it may be a musculoskeletal pain.

For example, if you have pain shooting down your leg that is worse when sitting but better when standing then this pain will probably benefit from physiotherapy.

Physio can help most joint and muscle pains.

If however, this pain is unremitting and doesn’t change if you sit,lie or stand then it is best to see your doctor.

The question if pain changes on position applies to all pains including neck pain, arm pains, headaches.  If in doubt, please call and ask if your pain would benefit from physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can of course help with most joint pains, arthritis, exercise prescription, joint sprains, muscle strains, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and hand pains.


  1. I like your advice to call a professional to see if your pain will benefit from physiotherapy. This could help ensure that you receive the necessary treatment. Calling could also give you the chance to ask them other questions and learn more about their services to see if they’re the best options for your physio.

  2. My husband has been experiencing some pain whenever he moves from side to side and we’ve been wondering if we should take him to the doctor or some other kind of specialist. So thanks for letting us know that if the pain changes depending on the position then you want to take them in for physio. I’ll be sure to find some great physio centers near us that will be able to help with my husband’s neck aches so that he won’t have trouble anymore.

    1. Glad to find that the information was useful. I hope it all turns out well for you.

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