chest respiratory physiotherapy fountain gate

What is Chest or Respiratory Physiotherapy?

Have you ever had a recurrent cough or chest infection that you just can’t get rid of? Are you an asthmatic and you have a bout of shortness of breath that is just not resolving? Or have you been diagnosed with a chest condition such as bronchiectasis?

You would benefit from a chest physiotherapy assessment and treatment session.

chest respiratory physiotherapy fountain gate

A respiratory physiotherapist is able to provide you with exercises you can do at home to maintain or improve your lungs, guidance on appropriate exercise and if required manual techniques such as percussions and vibrations.  This can help clear any persistent secretions from the base of your lungs that your cough is not strong enough to clear.

So if you have had a few courses of antibiotics or been referred to a respiratory specialist it could be worthwhile to call for an appointment.


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